The Heart of Access

The Heart of Access


Community Screenings

The Heart of Access was created to celebrate the labor and love of community. We organized three community screenings to premiere The Heart of Access in the neighborhoods featured in the film. We were able to gather together to remember, reflect on, and commemorate the work of community during this momentous crisis in our city and world. Here are some photos from those events.
The Heart of Access

Bayview, Lakeview/OMI, Viz Valley Screening at the Southeast Community Center on Aug 4, 2023

Mission & Excelsior Screening at the Brava Theater Center on Aug 17, 2023

Tenderloin & Western Addition Screening at GLIDE Memorial Church on Sept 7, 2023

Felisia Thibodeaux Quote
Felisia Thibodeau Quote

Want to host a screening in your community?

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